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23.6.15 - Untangling knots

According to my “goal” wordcount, I’m nearly halfway through the first draft of Last Sword 7. I think, though, this book will be much longer than the others in the series. Judging from my feel for the story, 25-35% seems more accurate.

It’s maybe been the most difficult plot I’ve put together. I was about to say “in a while,” but I think it’s true in the absolute sense. Not because the story of Last Sword 7 is particularly complex, but because six previous entries have unveiled small pieces of this world, and now I need to piece them together into a compelling whole.

Twice already I’ve had to stop, seeing the danger lurking a few chapters ahead. Both times I’ve had to go back to the beginning. Large chunks get cut, some get copied and placed away, possibly for future use, and more gets written. I think I have the threads in hand now, but it’s early yet. It feels a little bit like untangling a Gordian knot, and I don’t have the benefit of Alexander’s sword.

And yet, it’s incredibly fun. It’s a puzzle of character, place, and plot, and as the pieces start to fit together, I can just start to see the promise of what might be. Progress is slow, but intoxicating all the same.

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