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Last Sword in the West E-book

Last Sword in the West E-book

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Never bring a gun to a sword fight!
Years after the conclusion of a civil war, Tomas wanders the endless grasslands of the frontier, still searching for an elusive peace. He dreams of finding a quiet place, far beyond the ever-expanding reach of civilization, where he can sheath his sword for good.

But he can't look the other way when he passes through a town caught in a duel between two powerful organizations. The graveyard outside of town is full, and innocents hide in their homes, hoping to survive the coming battle.

Before long, Tomas is caught within the web of the escalating conflict, a lone swordsman standing against two violent forces that seek to control the town and the unnatural power it contains. He quickly appears destined to join countless others in their unmarked graves.

But Tomas has a secret, too. And it would be a mistake to underestimate him.

His war isn't over yet.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
The best yet!

I've been reading Ryan Kirk's books since he started publishing them, and believe this is the start of his best yet! I was hooked from the first page. The character development was great, the story line unique, just plain good! If you like the samurai type fantasy, and looking for a good twist, check this out!

A ronin story with a taste of the old west.

A story of a soldier who has lost the war and wants to escape his past. The twist is he was attacked by creature, animal, sentient being of legend. The almost killed each other years ago. Half dead they looked bodies and consciousness becoming something more. Although being a rare survival to old age. Our hero has learned to coexist with the change where most if not all burn out and die. Being unique in this respect there Is more going on with the world he is fleeing. He's burnt out and want a place not in constant conflict. But where would we have a tale of adventure if our hero didn't have a conscience and code. By which he lives. A spaghetti western it's not. Our hero runs into a faster version if him self and one who's better trained than him. He lives and breathes his martial skills but keeps coming up short. If not for the magic of the nexas stone he would be dead. I like my heros to kick ass and take nobody's name. Why is he left at deaths door all the time. Saved only by his symbiotic partner. Good food and wine being his only pleasure. Unless you count his martial skills. Why can't he find a female version of himself. He could be the man with no name and l the mongoose on his sword. TGTB&TU, or FAFDM. I'm an avid reader of Amazon books. I don't know how authors make money from my unlimited reading for $10 a month. I hate teaser books where I get to read the first book for free (well not so free $10 a month). Then the following books are priced beyond there value. Ok, occasionally I spring for the price of the new book. But the first one has to knock my socks off. This book I liked and recommend it. Not so sure I'll buy or pay the separate cost for the second or third and so on. BYOB.

Kevin Grigg
Fantasy spaghetti western

Loved this story, as I hinted it could easily be starring Clint Eastwood ( when younger). Don’t expect to be mentally challenged by this read but it races along and I really enjoyed it. I will be reading next in the series.

Graelic Dvorjk
A fantasy with a old western feel

I realized from the beginning that this felt like the old gunslinger arriving in a frontier town. I wondered how he was going to mix this with fantasy. However, I was stunned how smooth the story read.I could not put my Kindle down. Now to the things I liked about the book. The character development was outstanding. World builder was okay but I wanted to know more about the history of the world. That is just my curiosity rearing its ugly head. This did not detract from the story at all. Threw in a little mystery and a touch of a kind of magic. Hard to describe but magic was as close as I can get. Overall; an outstanding book that leads me to buy others in this series.I will begin following this author now.

Good fast read

The story is different, Ryan described it as a Samurai Western. It is that difference that makes it interesting. Yes, i have already pre-ordered the next book in the series.