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Back to the Keyboard

It’s been quite a week since I last blogged. My parents came to visit, and we took a trip through some of the more scenic parts of this state. It was wonderful to spend time with family, although I confess I didn’t write as many words as I intended. But we saw some wonderful sights, and it was great to have my parents here. I don’t see them as often as I’d like.

I was able to work for a few solid hours yesterday, but today was my first full day back in front of the keyboard. It feels great to be back. I’m the sort of writer who likes to write (a lot), and while I do take most weekends off, I’m always itching to write by Monday. After a week of quiet pecking at a keyboard in various hotel rooms, I’m excited to return to the office.

My project continues to be the new Last Sword novel. I’m now well over halfway done with drafting it, and the story is coming together nicely. I think I’ve solved most of my plot problems, and now all that remains is to bring it home.

It’s also release week for Song of the Sagani, but I’ll save the details for that until tomorrow. For now, have a wonderful day, and I hope you’re doing well.

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