Finding what you love

One of the best ways to discern your feelings for an activity, person, or item is to go without it for a time and examine how you feel.

My love for my family deepens after spending time away from them, but that new piece of technology I longed for and bought could go missing and I'd barely notice. There's a pain that comes from wanting to look up a passage in a book only to find I loaned the book out the week before.

And when I don't get to write for extended stretches of time, it's like an itch that I just can't scratch. I'll sneak away to my office for a few precious minutes at a time, just to edit or tweak a paragraph, but the desire remains unfulfilled.

I'd known this past month was going to be chaotic, but it exceeded expectations and then some. I can't remember a more difficult time to schedule regular writing sessions.

Fortunately, the worst is over for now. This morning I woke up early, made my tea, and wrote for several hours. It was like reuniting with an old friend.
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