LSitW 5 Delay

LSitW 5 Delay

Hey y'all! As always, I hope this post finds you doing well today.

The short version: Last Sword in the West 5 won't release until September.

The longer version:

I spent last weekend reading over everything I've written in Last Sword in the West 5, because I'd been having this feeling all week that the story wasn't working out quite the way I wanted to. It wasn't that the story was bad. This book has a few action set pieces that I love and introduces some new characters that I really have had fun writing.

But something just wasn't clicking for me, and I've learned that when that feeling strikes its worth taking a step out of the story and reviewing what's been written thus far.

As I mentioned in the last weekly update, book 5 is the beginning of the end for Tomas' and Elzeth's story. But as I was reading the story, it didn't feel that way. It didn't feel like the stakes were being raised quite the way they needed to.

The good news is that I know what needs to change, and I have some fun ideas for how to change it. The bad news is that the story will require a decent amount of rewriting. Because of that, it will just take longer to get the book out than I'd hoped.

I'd originally been planning on releasing the book at the end of August, but now I suspect the release will be somewhere between mid-September and the end of that month. Once I am sure of a date, I'll post the pre-order everywhere.

I do apologize for the delay, but I know the book will be much better thanks to this. I know I jumped into writing this morning with an excitement I haven't had for a week or two, which is always a good sign the story is going the right direction.

So, as always, I hope you're doing well, and thanks for reading!
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Hi there. Looking forward to reading this series. Love all your other books. Is this the last in the series or will there be more to follow?

Trent Wallace

So looking forward to book 5. I have thoroughly enjoyed The Last Sword series.

Kathy Gonzalez

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