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Eyes of the Hidden World

A Sword Named Vengeance

Wraith's Revenge

Frontier's End

Song of the Sagani

Legend of the Last Sword in the West


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Eyes of the Hidden World E-book

He sought peace, but found a new war. 

Tomas' dream has never been closer to reality. He's exploring uncharted territory at the very edges of the frontier, a place where he can settle and finally find the peace which has proven so elusive. 

Unfortunately, he isn't as alone as he would like to believe. The mountain is crawling with mysterious creatures who behave like none he has come across before. 

When Tomas comes across a destroyed campsite, he's pulled into a battle that isn't his own. There's a malicious presence on this mountain, and it doesn't like humans. 

Tomas' journey high into the mountains and deep under the earth will unearth secrets that should have remained buried forever.

A Sword Named Vengeance E-book

The battle for the soul of the west begins 

Tomas' quest for answers carries him west once again. He journeys toward the town of Razin, growing quickly as the railroads continue their relentless march across the land. There, he hopes to track down a dark figure from his past. 

Before he reaches town, a chance encounter with a young man teaches Tomas that Razin is full of secrets. 

Plunged into a mystery he wasn't prepared for, Tomas soon finds himself beset by enemies on all sides. The secrets of Razin have keepers, more than happy to send curious souls to the other side of the gates. 

Here, though, he's not alone. Aided by a fiery marshal and her loyal deputies, Tomas fights to peel away the layers of a terrible conspiracy. 

But their enemies are smarter, stronger, and more ruthless than ever before. Whether he finds the truth or not, he's in for the fight of his life.

Wraith's Revenge E-book

Haunted by the ghosts of the past, 
pursued by an implacable foe, 
Tomas and Elzeth finally meet a warrior they can't defeat. 

Tomas is on the run. Hunted by the church, the Family, and the marshals, there are few safe places left, even on the frontier. He flees, plagued by regrets, questioning the choices that made him the most wanted man in the west. 

As ghosts from his past rise from the grave, Tomas comes face-to-face with a new foe, a host who stands for everything Tomas has fought against. A monster blinded by faith. 

Tomas must confront his past if he hopes to have a future. But even that might not be enough.

Frontier's End E-book

The beginning of the end... 

After the events in Chesterton, the manhunt for Tomas is more intense than ever before. Marshals, knights, and armies comb the frontier seeking any trace of the most wanted fugitive in the country. 

While Tomas flees, the church makes its long-awaited moves. Rumors of a powerful weapon spread across the frontier faster than Tomas' wanted posters. 

Running out of options and time, Tomas seeks aid in a country that is increasingly hostile, not just toward him, but to all hosts. Little does he know that his quest for allies will uncover secrets whose answers he has been seeking for years. 

The threads of fate gather tightly around Tomas as he prepares to make his final stand against the church. But as he nears the end of his war, he begins to understand what victory might cost him. 

And the price might just be too terrible to pay.

Song of the Sagani

Two masters of the sword, 
One violent destiny. 

As a summer of warfare drags on between the church and the army, Tomas and Ghosthands are summoned by their respective commanders. The church believes it has finally cracked the secret of the nexuses, and the future of the fledgling nation is at stake. 

A lone scholar holds the precious secret, and as fate would have it, she's in Razin, with mysterious motives of her own. 

Her presence sets off a race between all the great powers. Assassins, warriors, and knights descend on Razin to take possession of the knowledge. Only Tomas has the ability to get her out of the growing city and to safety before disaster strikes. But Ghosthands will do everything in his power to stop Tomas. 

As their showdown nears, Tomas and Ghosthands both have their own demons to slay. 

Their duel might well decide the fate of the nexuses and the world.

Legend of the Last Sword in the West

For the legend to rise, 
the hero must fall. 

The conclusion of The Last Sword in the West! 

Beaten and left for dead, Tomas and Elzeth stumble across the prairie as the church prepares their final assault against the sagani. Tomas knows his time is drawing to a close. Soon, he must pay the bill for all the strength he's used over the years. 

He and Elzeth decide to spend their last days peacefully seeking answers to the questions that have long plagued them. What are the nexuses, and how are the sagani connected to them? 

But when they discover the true nature of the church's intent, Tomas and his allies must once more rise to defend the frontier. It isn't just the sagani in danger, and all that stands between their world and certain doom is an old pair of friends, ready to fight their final battle.