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A Sword Named Vengeance E-book

A Sword Named Vengeance E-book

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The battle for the soul of the west begins

Tomas' quest for answers carries him west once again. He journeys toward the town of Razin, growing quickly as the railroads continue their relentless march across the land. There, he hopes to track down a dark figure from his past.

Before he reaches town, a chance encounter with a young man teaches Tomas that Razin is full of secrets.

Plunged into a mystery he wasn't prepared for, Tomas soon finds himself beset by enemies on all sides. The secrets of Razin have keepers, more than happy to send curious souls to the other side of the gates.

Here, though, he's not alone.

Aided by a fiery marshal and her loyal deputies, Tomas fights to peel away the layers of a terrible conspiracy. But their enemies are smarter, stronger, and more ruthless than ever before.

Whether he finds the truth or not, he's in for the fight of his life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Outstanding trilogy,, Ryan Kirk is at top of his game, strong writing, great story.

Ryan Kirk remains at the top of his game with this stunning, entirely satisfying, trilogy of a series O cab only hope returns soon and quickly. I enjoyed this trilogy immensely! Long time fan and follower of Ryan Kirk, he continues to exceeds my expectations and sharpen, hone his talents, skills and creativity. I cannot wait to read more! Thank you Ryan Kirk, work well done.

pixel man
Back on track

This is obviously the third installment in this series, but probably and hopefully not the last. The first book was great and really kept you coming back. The second..well, let's just say it got a little to far fetched. It started from what made the story work in the first place. But now with this third installment, Ran Kirk is back on track. I liked this book, just as much as the first and now hope for more.

Paul C
Great stuff as usual from Kirk

Loved the continuation of the story of Tomas and Elzeth. The plot thickens as they encounter old enemies new friends and one that might be considered both! Highly recommend!

Mia S
What will their future look like?

I thorouhghly enjoyed the book. It left me with warm and yet wistful feelings for Thomas and Elzeth, forced to “coexist” as one with an uncertain future. Those kind of lingering feelings for the main characters tell me that I just finished a good book. I was sorry the book has ended; no more pages to follow where they are going next!One thing though: Elzeth always seems to help Thomas but never the other way around. Elzeth gives but never receives, which makes me wonder how he feels/views about their quests.Eagerly waiting for the next book,Mia S

Chester Hendrix
tripled down, Mr. Kirk!

The Series is now set!In Book One, you had me with the whole The Wild West in a fantasy world. The whole idea of a symbiotic relationship that constantly threatens to kill you is as unique a construct as the Albino Elric was 60 years ago. Just when you thought all the angles had been covered... Huzzah for creativity! Book One was the hook...In Book Two, we were introduced to Powers That Man Was Not Meant To Know... in glorious Lovecraftian style, the Horror From Beyond is never *quite* described - nor it's ominous effects on our hero... it is finally dispatched and our heroes emerge back into the sunshine... marvelous stuff. Our tastes are now confirmed and anticipation for the next volume is insatiable.As we wait, we reflect a bit, wondering where the author could POSSIBLY take us next? What are the common threads we see through two novels?All is revealed in this Third installment. Best of the three? Are you kidding me? Each builds upon (and is better than) the previous. The writing is tighter, the plot lines more unexpected, and the hints of things to come providing a deeper need for the next fix!If you haven't read the previous volumes - DO NOT WAIT! This ongoing series is a groundbreaking delight.This Third volume widens our view of the world, the characters and institutions in it.The action, suspense and surprises all crescendo into a blazing climax setting up the series for volumes of sequels!Get on the train now, boys and girls! All ABOARD!