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Blades of Shadow Paperback

Blades of Shadow Paperback

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A child saved from execution.
A warrior seeking redemption.
They hold the fate of a kingdom in their hands.

Eiji's life changes the day he stumbles upon Isau, a boy sentenced to death by the local monasteries. Against his better judgment, he rescues Isau, setting aside his own quest to right an old crime. His decision leads to a chase throughout the shattered lands of the Three Kingdoms.

Pursued by the monasteries' best trackers and a mysterious figure, Eiji and Isau find themselves at the heart of a conflict between powerful forces. The blood from the Great War has barely dried, but once again warriors sharpen their swords in preparation for the downfall of a kingdom.

In the midst of a historic uprising, Eiji and Isau must decide where they stand, and what they are willing to sacrifice on behalf of their beliefs.
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