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Their Spirit Unbroken E-book

Their Spirit Unbroken E-book

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As an empire falls, heroes will rise

High in the mountains, Lei watches the empire crumble as he maintains his self-imposed exile. Torn between fighting for the empire once again and living peacefully with the woman he loves, Lei faces the most difficult decision of his life.

Like Lei, Bai senses a crossroads approaching. After a decade of fighting, little has changed. The monks hunt her, and she cannot run forever.

On the other side of the empire, Delun seeks guidance from his master. His memories are soaked with the blood of friend and foe alike.

When a devastating attack strikes the monasteries, the three warriors are flung into a conflict that threatens to destroy them and all they hold dear.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Another excellent series by this truly talented author. He writing style is very fluid & his stories have a well organized flow to them. I could & do read his books as much as possible

Kieth Gould
Good Read

This is a good series. I like his Nightblad books as well. Very good read.

Ian Mitchell
Great finale

The series has strong characters. Watching their lives as they tried to find their paths was enriching. I really liked the depth of feeling. Great reading.

Kindle Customer
So much beauty

The love between Daiyu and Lei as described throughout this book is some of the most beautiful writing I have read in a while. Each POV character was written with such depth and imagination that they seem almost real. Aside from a few easily fixed grammatical issues, I would consider this book to be perfect.

A great finish to the series!

The series encompasses decades following several protagonists as they journey through life. We follow Lei growing from a young man to an old man, suffering through loss with him, as well as experiencing times of joy and peace. We meet Bai, a young girl with extraordinary gifts that she must learn to control. We see her grow into a woman to be reckoned with. Along the way we meet folks we fall in love with, as well as those we’d rather not have met. But they all play their part in making this trilogy an enjoyable read! Thanks Ryan!