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Fall of Forgotten Gods E-book

Fall of Forgotten Gods E-book

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Against the wrath of the gods, what chance does humanity have?

For months, Hakon has searched for answers to the mystery of what happened during the Battle of Husavik. He's convinced the answers lie far beyond the explored boundaries of the six states, a rugged land guarded jealously both by dragons and the wild. His quest for answers might be the risk that finally ends his troubled life.

Like Hakon, Zachary is haunted by his memories of Husavik. He watches, helpless, as the frontiers of the six states crumble around him, the governors either unable or unwilling to take action. When he learns that his exile has been revoked, he must find a way to protect the people he has come to love.

Neither is prepared to face the return of an ancient enemy, a force stronger than the world has seen in ages.

As fate turns against humanity, they must race to uncover the secrets of the past if they hope to save the future.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent 2nd in series

Ryan Kirk is a great writer with the ability to transport the reader into his created worlds, creating bonds between us and his characters. This book shines as a followup novel in this series, and leaves us waiting for the next installment.It's the story of a band of heroes, once fighting for the wrong side but correcting that, ultimately paying a price for turning to the side of the innocent, and yet overcoming.We meet dragons, and other worldly beings. We become involved in intrigue, and of course lots of action with swords, which is Kirks favorite weapon in his books 😁Highly entertaining and highly recommended!

Great follow up to book one

The Band is a group of superheroes that are trying to save humanity and the empire. They are battling godlike creatures from another world. Good action and characters that build a great epic story.

Kimberly Cheren
Great Relatable Characters

Another great book with great relatable characters by Ryan Kirk. I would recommend reading the first book in the series before reading this one. You can read it without like I did. However, there were some character and history that would have made the book better had I read the Band of Broken Gods beforehand.

Trick l

You can't go wrong with a Ryan Kirk book. This was a nice continuation of the story. Looking forward to the next installment and seeing how it ends.

jed freeman
one of Kirk’s best

full disclosure, i am a Ryan Kirk fan and read all of his books but this was one of his best. it has his classic action mythical powers but there is true emotion in this one. if you are a father this one will touch you.