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The Gates of Memory E-book

The Gates of Memory E-book

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There are no victors in the battle between honor and duty.

High in the mountains, a monastery falls to a powerful attack. On the other side of the continent, a gate begins to fail, threatening an entire people. From across the oceans, an enemy of legendary ability approaches.

In the face of cataclysm, Brandt seeks the key to fighting the Lolani queen. He is one of the few who knows firsthand the danger this new enemy represents. But how far will he go to save his empire and those he loves?

Reunited with her family in Landow, Alena now longs for her days of wandering. Summoned by old friends, she must once again leave her home behind to seek the truth of the gates. She must find the answers to centuries old mysteries, and in the process, will uncover a threat more dire than any they can imagine. The gates hold the secrets, but the cost of knowledge has never been higher.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William R Adams
Awesome story

I have almost all of your series and I can’t wait to start the next book to see where it will leadKeep writing this well and I will keep collecting your books and pass them down to my Grandson’s

Amazon Customer
Engrossing read. Can’t wait for more.

Great fantasy read with characters you want to know more about. Looking forward to continue reading books from Ryan Kirk.

What a story

This is really one of RK’s finest works. The characters are great with incredible depth, which is so lacking in many authors stories.the fight scenes are very unique. This is a seriously easy read with great character & an ending that leaves TBC A SERIOUS EXPECTATION. I won’t review the story or the characters, since they are the reason to read this really wonderful 2 books


First something about my rating of 5 stars. I give out very few 5 star ratings. A book has to be perfect to obtain 5 stars from me. I doubt I would give more than a couple dozen of the tens of thousand books that I have read 5 stars. I have read all of Ryan Kirk's books I have found available on Amazon and I have not been disappointed in any of them. My favorite series by him is the Nightblade Series without a doubt. This book is the second of a series that I may come to like as much as the Nighblade Series. My favorite attributes of this book are the same as his other books. I have to relate to and want to be like the MC's in a book and Ryan's MC's while usually flawed are very likeable. Ryan's plots are always well thought out and the story is always moving the plot along. There is no filler just to add word count in his books.If you like this genre then get this book. You will enjoy it.

Amazon Customer

Good continuation of the story. As is usually typical with a second book, it focuses on moving the story forward and getting ready for the last book. Looking forward to it!